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September 29, 2011


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Kate Pitner

Great post Terri! You had me waiting anxiously while I read to find out what happened to the baby bird. Your question is thought provoking. Hmmm - I've got to think about that one a bit, but in a quick reply I'm going to say it's my faith in God that defines my life and my desire to soar that keeps me pushing ahead with courage. :0)

Beth Yarbrough

Terri - you brought tears of joy to my eyes with this story! Bless you, girl!

Diane Knott

Terri, what a sweet and thought-provoking post this was. Perfect for me to read on a Sunday morning.

What would I do if I could take a "maiden flight"? Excellent question - no answer yet though! I'll give it a lot of thought!

Hugs to you! And I'm glad the little baby bird made it!
Hugs, Diane

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