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April 26, 2010


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jane maday

Hi Terri,
I hear you about wondering if you should continue your blog. Seems like it has been on your mind for a while. I know it does seem like just another thing to add to your busy plate sometimes, but I do think it is a useful tool. It seems to me that in this business it is very important to develop a relationship with the people who collect your pieces. They like to feel like they know you and share your beautiful lifestyle. This is basically what people like Thomas Kinkade do-sell the friendship along with the art. Your blog is very beautiful. But if it seems too much to keep up with, perhaps you could do what Susan Winget does and have a newsletter attached to your website, that she only updates periodically?

Janet Wecker Frisch

OK - my mistake, I thought you had a different comment areas, lol. I could REALLY utilize one of these twirlys for drawing pencils, markers and brushes. Right now they are rolling around on top of my drawing surface. :-)

Janet Wecker Frisch

Hi Terri - Checking in on you this morning I notice that you and I have more than a few, similar thoughts. Remember a while back when you and I related to "being brave enough to do a workshop," on LinkedIn? Well guess what, the one I signed up for is TOMORROW!

I've been watching some birds nesting outside my studio window too this Spring. It's interesting isn't it? The daddy bird however is making me crazy with his continual knocking on my windows.

I'm going to try and comment in your other linked areas. :-)

Lori Anderson-Tel

so pretty!!!! i would use the twirly for max's glitter pens and colored pencils and art supplies to keep him inspired to be creative every day. this morning he woke up and started making a poster for the komen merchandise shop i have to run all weekend - with glitter glue and markers and all the embellishments. what a sweetie pie! love you! ;0) lulubelle

Jennifer Scull

well seeing as my markers are all over the place willy nilly, I would use them for the exact same purpose you are! a few are tucked in a plain cardboard box (ugh!) but the rest just roll around on my crafting table. I use them too often to tuck them in a drawer somewhere....
and there is absolutely nothing wrong with a good belly laugh! it shows that you enjoy life to the fullest! :)


I find your posts totally inspiring for a beautiful lifestyle, Teri! It doesn't matter what you say or share you have a beauty about the way you write and I am inspired every time I stop in and see what's going on with you! I totally love the twirly aspect of the silverware holders! I would use them for just that - we're always trying to free up space in our tiny 50's house (especially the kitchen) they'd be absolutely perfect there!! :) Love your new music lineup as well. It's one of the few that doesn't scare the living daylights out of me when I first arrive! Many hugs,
Elaine :)

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