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February 21, 2010


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Terri Conrad

Herself, Dear - you are so welcome (and how kind of you to take the time to visit us). Truth be told the gratitude is sent your way for sharing serene beauty & inspiration. I hope my readers have found their way to your creative world and taken a moment to enjoy their visit.


Terri, Dear,

What a sweet and unexpected surprise to stumble upon you and find a mention of my place, designing dna! Thank you for your kinds words, and yes, I'd LOVE to sit on your porch and sip lemonade with you! Do stop by my place anytime--especially the weekend of March 20, 21 as we are having a virtual Flea Market Round-up, hoping to raise money to help rebuild the homes lost in flood and hurricane.

Blessings and again many thanks!

Lisa M. Pace

Oh Terri everything looks so LOVELY... I love your style.


Sitting in the shade and sipping French Lemonade -
sounds like a wonderful Idea. Love it.
Your Vintage Fruit Collection looks absolutely fab.
and so elegant. I'll be right over...
Have a wonderful day and save some of the French Lemonade

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