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December 04, 2009


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Hello Terri,

I love snow and of course the colour white during the Holidays.
You have a great blog and this is the reason I keep coming back. There is always something beautiful to look at.
And this vintage card is fabulous!

~ Gabriela ~

Jennifer Scull

I pray you find what you are looking for, the peace and the serentity that comes through from your posting. God tells us to take the time to pull back and reflect, rest, and rejuvinate. He will bless this time for you.

I visit your blog and others because of the refreshment I find - the inspiration and joy. They help me to connect with who I am, who God created me to be, and hopefully help me to be just a bit better person for the day.

May your holiday season be blessed beyond measure.

Diane Knott

Terri, I visit for connection and inspiration and to share heart-to-heart. The blogging community is amazing in what it has to offer in the way of touching others in all of those aspects!

White - what it means to me...in all of its appearances, including tone-on-tone shades - it represents calmness to me, serenity and peace. My home is mostly neutrals and I need that very much since my "job" involves color so often. It's an escape from stimulation that can at times be anxiety producing. I have been so fortunate to recently have an assignment that included only WHITE,gold and silver....so restful!

Outside my window today is white...lots of white...peaceful and calming white...softly falling snow!!!

I love this aspect of winter...the snow. So many people are grouchy and complain endlessly when they see snow on the horizon. But me? I anticipate it because it makes people slow down! Well,SOME people anyway! Those of us who appreciate God and nature can look at snow and think, this is what God wants us to do right now...STOP and breathe and just BE!

Blessings, Terri! Thank you, girlfriend!



Your site is always filled with warmth and inspiration. Hope you enjoy your respite from blogging and return refreshed.

Merry Christmas


Hello Terri,
I too love white, but with kids I think I stay away from it. But I love the pictures they are like eye candy. I return to blogs because of the creativty and the sharing that the blogger give. That is one of my favorite things is to learn and share. I feel that when I do get to visit I get to know them a little more each time.
I also wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was to meet you a couple of weeks ago at the school fair. Sorry it took me so long to stop by and post a comment. life just gets a little busy sometime. Happy Holidays!


I love white too! :) I keep coming back because your connection with the your blog readers is inspiring and feels genuine, positive. I feel like I really know YOU from reading your blog. If I were to ever meet you, I have an idea in my head of what you'd be like! (that's a good thing). Of course your blog also provides wonderful eye candy with great projects and vintage/romantic graphics.
I may not be able to visit every day or right away when you update but I do always come back and get caught up! :)
Many hugs,

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