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October 19, 2009


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Diane Knott

Terri, I had to add a PS to my other post. I think happiness is also having a sense of purpose in life. It doesn't have to be a high ideal of achievement in terms even of "saving" humanity or working for the poor or other public service. I truly believe that it's in the small, everyday things that give us a sense of purpose. We can choose to open a door for someone - something as simple as that! Or just smile at someone passing. There's no need for anyone to ever feel they have no purpose in life. Doing something little for another human being gives our life purpose and if we recognized that those little things are important, it could make us feel truly happy. Just think, maybe you made someone smile today, and that little bit of notice could have been just the encouragement they needed to feel less than invisible and maybe even on the verge of doing something self destructive. You never know!

You've really got me thinking today! :-)
Diane (again) :-)

Diane Knott

Terri, What a wonderful post! So much positive energy there!

I once heard someone say that at the core of every strong negative emotion is fear. So true if we truly examine what we're feeling and try to get at its roots.

Happiness, someone to love, something to do, being grateful. Happiness without gratitude is impossible.
I'm blessed to be happy. It doesn't mean I don't have problems or feel sad sometimes, but deep inside, if I wasn't happy and didn't feel gratitude, then the fears would overtake me. Maybe happiness is also hope and faith.

It's a wonderful topic and worthy of thoughtful examination.

Hugs, beautiful person!


Oh Terri, thank you for sharing my layout, I really love this page, because I know simple pleasures make me happy always! Only family, good people and really little, simple things make my life happy, I think we should appreciate it. Thank you so much for your post!


That was so well thought out and written! I do think that my 'happiness' parameters have changed! I'm definitely less materialistic than I was years ago, and I think my true happiness comes from being able to MAKE other people happy! :)Thank you so much, Terri for sharing wonderful words of wisdom and for the blog candy! :) I'll email you~

Jennifer Scull

truly beautiful! thank you! and congrats to the lucky winner! :)

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