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July 06, 2009


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Diane Knott

Hi Again Terri! I always love reading your so uplifting messages! I must confess that I have been very remiss in my blogging pursuits lately and only have had time to post some pictures that I hope offer some glimpses of a life that can be tranquil in its simplicity. There is so much peace in the little things and when we get right down to it, probably 99% of life's events are the simple everyday parts of our waking hours. Just a morning cup of coffee or tea or a late afternoon glass of wine should be focused upon as a blessing. Or the clouds that have been bringing too much rain because they are actually beautiful! And miraculous! Just think about this "terrarium" called "earth"!

Your art always appeals to me in such a restful way. I think you are an "old soul". That's a good thing.



Hello Terri:

I have discovered you across forum licensing and like that I have seen your designs and I love with your elegance and harmony in the colors and the forms.

I am optimistic for nature, always I try to see the good side of the things that happen to me and it has given me strength(fortress) opposite to the adverse circumstances and I have happened(passed) for very painful situations that had knocked down another person.

I read often in Dale Carnegie's book a phrase " collaborates you with the inevitable thing " to rebel does not lead anything but that to the nervous shock.

Joy Hall

What a beautiful post. My favorite part...

"we can be defined by our challenges, or, challenge ourselves to walk through these closed doors, knowing, believing there is indeed something more on the other side."

Thanks Terri!

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